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The Space Show needs your support to modernize it's website and provide a fully searchable and archival quality database for everyone's benefit. For our supporters, not only may you qualify for a tax deduction as The Space/OGLF is a non-profit, we are also providing cool gear, incentives, & perks at different participation levels. 

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A Message From Our Supporters

"As a long-time member of the space community, I greatly appreciate David Livingston's "The Space Show." Having appeared as a guest on the show more than a dozen... more

Dr. Paul Spudis

Lunar Scientist

"The Space Show has been an invaluable resource over 14 years and 2,500 interviews and discussions. The presentations cover a wide range of topics and are suitable... more

Dr. John Jurist

 “I always enjoy listening to the Space Show and the in-depth interviews that are conducted. It’s a great source of information at a time when the field couldn’t be... more

Mike Gold

Director of D.C. Operations & Business Growth Bigelow Aerospace, LLC

"The Space Show is a great venue for informed debate about everything space, from policy to geopolitics to space architecture to missions to science. The discussion... more

Michael D. Griffin

11th Administrator of NASA

 "The Space Show is an incomparable resource of in-depth, objective space information, hosting guests that cover the breadth of the field. Dr. David Livingston will... more

Dr. Charles Lurio

Writer/Publisher of The Lurio Report

"Since 2001, The Space Show has provided unique access to key leaders and participants in the growth of a vibrant and inventive entrepreneurial space industry and... more

Dr. Clark S. Lindsey

Managing Editor of NewSpace Watch,

My work these last years with David Livingston and the Space Show has been a through privilege and pleasure. David's passion for the themes of space science and... more

John Batchelor

Host of The John Batchelor Show

 "The Space Show is my 'go to' place for all things space. Superbly hosted by the peerless Dr. David Livingston, it covers a wide range of topics from the factual to... more

Dr. Jim Logan, MD

“For me, the Space Show has always been an engaging and informative program that not only allows for expert questioning and commentary but also engages space... more

Mark N. Sirangelo

Sierra Nevada Corporation

"David Livingston and The Space Show are both pioneers - a unique blend of talented and insightful observations and using an outreach medium to educate us all about... more

Leonard David

Space Journalist, Inside Outer Space,, AIAA Aerospace America

"I am pleased and honored to endorse The Space Show and its host Dr. David Livingston. In my view The Space Show is not only the preeminent source for space news and... more

Dr. Haym Benaroya

Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University;

I have had the honor of being a guest on The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston on several occasions, and can attest to the high quality of the show, and Dr.... more

Dr. John Brandenburg

Plasma Physicist

"The Space Show is a unique venue to discuss and debate the broad range of issues facing the space program in all its forms – civil, military, and commercial;... more

Marcia Smith


"Since 2010, I've appeared as a guest on The Space Show half a dozen times. During that period, I've also helped lead 5 classroom sessions. By hosting these forums,... more

Dan Adamo

Retired NASA Flight Dynamics Office, space educator

"It’s been said that those of us in the current NewSpace community stand on the shoulders of giants of the past space age. So too will the next generation of space... more

Gary Hudson

President, The Space Studies Institute

"Long time listener, and proud to have twice appeared on The Space Show. Anyone who's anyone in the aerospace industry finds a platform here, and you'd be hard... more

Heather R. Archuletta

JSC Medical Studies 2008-2014

“The Space Show is one of the sector’s most complete sources of in depth narrative on the history, status and growth as we enter into a time of accelerating change... more

Jim Keravala

Shackleton Energy

"The Space Show is the only radio show dedicated to a discussion of the scientific, technical, engineering, social, political, legal, and commercial issues, problems... more

Dr. Eligar Sadeh

Professor & space consultant

"Taken one by one The Space Show broadcasts are a powerful tool for helping busy people keep up to date with creative thinking in the space sector. Taken collectively... more

Michael Simpson

Executive Director, Secure World Foundation

"The Space Show is such a resource. Where else can one get such a wealth of perspectives from various leaders in space. I have a way better understanding of all... more

Dr. Doug Plata, MD

"A highly informative program addressing timely issues in the aerospace industry, The Space Show has provided a dynamic forum for professional dialogue and exchange... more

Jim Crisafulli

Director Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development

"One the best informative and educational programs on the radio that brings problems and challenges of our vast space enterprise to diverse audience of listeners... more

Dr. Michael Gruntman

USC Astronautics

“It's one thing for an Internet-based program to claim to provide impartial and informative content on issues surrounding outer space development; it's another to... more

Michael J. Listner

Founder/Principal, Space Law & Policy Solutions

"In a world of sound bite journalism, there are very few venues for longer format interviews. When discussing space issues, context and clarity are essential. The... more

Bob Werb

Co-founder of Space Frontier Foundation

"David's passion is space and that's what the Space Show is all about. It’s a conversation with a prominent person in the space industry about the role of space in... more

Dr. Erik Seedhouse


It is difficult to measure the importance to space of David Livingston's effort during these past ten years. When the Space Show began, the X-Prize was news, but the... more

Bob Zimmerman


David Livingston, known as Dr Space to his “The Space Show” listeners, is a long-time supporter and advocate for the space community. David’s style on-air is as... more

Debra Facktor Lepore

Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Operations Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

"Since the early 2000s, The Space Show interviews have chronicled all key developments in the expanding 'NewSpace' commercial space arena, offering perspectives from... more

Rex Ridenoure

CEO and co-founder, Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation

"The Space Show has provided up to the minute news and topical discussion of interest to the space community for years. It would be of even greater value if its... more

Anthony Young


"The Space Show is bar none the most current, in-depth and broadest podcast of the space industry. Its value as a news source and a forum for the development of new... more

Dr. Bruce Damer

DigitalSpace Research & UC Santa Cruz

"With the current period of fast growth in the NewSpace area, "The Space Show" has become mandatory listening for me. It brings a range of multidisciplinary topics... more

Rick Kwan

Founding member, Silicon Valley Space Center, Computing and Aerospace Technologist

"The Space Show provides a globally accessible forum where guests in the aerospace community with extensive knowledge and/or expertise can share their perspective on... more

Rick Boozer


The Space Show Team

Meet the people who make The Space Show possible

Dr. David M. Livingston

Executive Director, OGLF

Founder and Host of The Space Show®; Executive Director of One Giant Leap Foundation, Inc.

Tom Driggers

Broadcast Engineer

Thomas provides engineering services for the broadcast industry and web site authouring services

Spencer Austin-Martin

Web Developer

Lead web developer and motion graphics editor at The Think Tank LLC

About TSS

The Space Show® wants to provide you with timely and relevant information on space issues and policy influencing the development of outer-space commerce, space tourism, exploration, planetary science, as well as other related space subjects of interest to us all.

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